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Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetics utilizing the SOFTAP hand-tool method, allowing me the ability to be very precise whether placing individual hairs within the design of the eyebrow area, implanting pigment in between the eyelashes, or when correcting symmetry and defining the edges of a lip line. 

Giving you a look that is natural, and enhances your features without being too harsh.

Maintaining all Federal and State training and licensing requirements, using single-use disposable needles, and organic pigments that are free of harsh inks and harmful dyes, to ensure client protection and safety.

Specializing in eyebrows, eyeliner, lip enhancement, corrective color, scar camouflage, vitiligo, and areola restoration.


My Story

I started my journey in the world of permanent cosmetics by having not only my technician training, but my instructor training by the Founder and President of SOFTAP Permanent Cosmetics, Alexis Lawson.

Alexis is a pioneer in the field of micro-pigmentation, and is a wealth of knowledge. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the opportunity to be mentored by her over the years.

The first time I saw a presentation on the hand method for implanting permanent pigment into the skin, I was intrigued by the artistic way the procedure was done. From drawing/designing the brow and the ability to precisely place the "hair" before implanting the color, to the complete comfort of the client during the procedure. Not to mention, the end result of a beautiful, natural looking brow. I was hooked!

I approach the art of permanent makeup with the intent of helping my clients enhance their natural features, not overpower them. 

It has been over 20 years since I added permanent makeup to my repertoire of professional services and I love it more every day. The ability to make a positive change in someone's life is a wonderful feeling, and one that I hope to continue.

Please feel free to visit me for a complimentary consultation 

where we can creatively work together to enhance your natural beauty.

~ Elizabeth Wettstein~


Permanent Eyebrows


This procedure perfect for those who have very sparse or complete absence of hair in the brow area, and want to define, darken or reshape their brows with longer lasting results than microblading.

Utilizing the SOFTAP hand method of implanting color, and making individual hair-strokes, but also having the option of doing a soft, powder-fill.

Microblade Eyebrows


 Also Utilizing the SOFTAP hand tool, but with a smaller needle grouping and a slightly different technique of implanting pigment. Creating individual hairs that are artfully placed within the brow area, to define, darken or reshape the brows.

Want to see how permanent makeup can change your life ? Call and schedule your consultation today (805) 744-9444



Natural Enhancement to Bold & Dramatic

Lash Enhancement

Customized For Your Needs

Pigment is placed in the Lash Line, in between the lashes to make them appear thicker. This procedure is perfect for the client that doesn't wear eyeliner on a daily basis and/or doesn't wear a lot of makeup. The look is soft and natural, yet really defines the eyes.

Permanent Eyeliner


From fine and thin, to soft and smudgy, or go with a line that's thicker and more defined. With a color selection from a light brown to a pure black, or perhaps have some fun with a deep blue or emerald green.
You decide how natural or dramatic you want your final look to be.


Natural Enhancement to Full Lip Color

Whether you're looking to correct the symmetry, define your lip line, or to completely change the color of your lips, we have the experience, the tools, and the color variety to give you the look you desire.

Lip Extension


Blending pigments to customize a shade that perfectly matches the pre-existing color in your lips. Then filling in the areas along the perimeter of your lips to correct symmetry, and define the edges. No need to completely change the lip color, when you can enhance your natural color and shape. Just throw on lip gloss, and Go!

Full Lip Color


Can be an add on service to the Lip Extension to correct shape, or as a stand alone for the client that has pale lips or that wants a more dramatic shade. From a soft baby pink to a deep brick red, and everything in between.
*This procedure requires a minimum of 2-3 separate appointments to achieve the full deposit of color.


Training & Experience Matter

Beth has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, as a licensed manicurist and medical aesthetician. Who's credentials include licensing by the State Board of Cosmetology in Arizona and California, as well as extensive training in the field of permanent cosmetics.

She is a certified SOFTAP Instructor and Technician with over 20 years experience.

With advanced training in color correction, scar camouflage & areola reconstruction.  

A member in good standing with the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, and is current on all OSHA and Blood-Borne Pathogens training. 



The Answers You Need

Question: Is it a tattoo?

A: Yes, Softap® is a cosmetic tattoo. Softap® pigments include iron oxide and glycerin. Softap® does not use FD&C or D&C dyes in their pigments.